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Seems Like We Found the Best EP Agent in the World

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Who would you say is the best EP agent in the world? How about we give you a hint in the form of another exemplary photo?

best EP agent in the world
There he is! The master of executive protection in all his glory.

Allegedly working for tens of prominent companies worldwide ― simultaneously ― we thought it would be fairly easy to reach him.

Yet, it has been close to impossible to locate the guy anywhere on the globe. Weird, as it seems like he works for more than 20 EP companies.

Dozens of firms that he worked for post his pictures online, making us wonder: How does he make it everywhere at the same time? Why don’t these EP firms publish photos of their other team members? Our list of questions is endless. This is one talented agent!

Well, the short answer is – we don’t know. When we visit certain EP websites, the best EP agent in the world is everywhere to be found: on their contact page, in the carousel, on every blog post.

The Chameleon of Executive Protection

Thanks to these EP firms, people see this guy on social media and numerous websites, where he wears the best clothes, uses the most up-to-date gear, looks sleek and ready for action. His name is… well, we don’t know yet because we are still looking for him. All we could grasp is that he is thought to be the best EP agent in the world.

If you were fortunate enough to work with him, please reach out to our editorial team ASAP.

best EP agent in the world
The best EP agent in the world: Yes, we found him online but are still unable to establish his exact location.

Often called “the most elusive person on Earth,” the best EP agent in the world seems to take his business everywhere, doing everything. In fact, he is a secure driver, a bodyguard, a protective intelligence agent, a motorcade lead, a tactical commander, all at the same time. In other words: a force to be reckoned with!

How does he do it? Well, we don’t know and need your help, as we want to join his EP courses!

Please assist us in locating the best EP agent in the world. Drop us a line at contact@epwired.com or send us your suggestions in the commenting section. Let’s do this together!

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  1. I mean he MUST be the best just look at that trigger finger discipline as he racks that slide!

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