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10 People Die in California Rail Yard Shooting

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Before taking his own life, mass shooter and public transit employee Samuel Cassidy killed nine coworkers at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. The event took place on Wednesday, May 26, after which the Santa Clara County Sheriff Office responded with heavy force. In the California Rail Yard shooting, the youngest victim was 29 years old, and the most senior people to die were aged 63.

The County Sheriff of Santa Clara, Laurie Smith, stated that the San Jose police and her deputies arrived quickly after receiving the first 911 call. They claim that the mass shooter killed himself only after discovering about the law enforcement’s arrival.

Talking to NBC News, County Sheriff Smith said, “The deputy sheriffs… the officers from San Jose PD ran into the building when shots were being fired, and I know that it saved many lives.”

Interestingly, local and federal authorities found several possible suspicious devices. However, the officials were unable to say if the items were, in fact, bombs.

Adding to the oddity, San Jose firefighters reacted to a home engulfed by flames about the same time as the shooting took place. Officials are still unsure if the two events are related and are still trying to figure it out.

Another tragic incident with a number of pre-incident indicators that were missed. Employees are often the perpetrator in these mass killings and it is important we do not miss this or obfuscate it by labeling Active Shooter training something like “violent intruder training.” It oftentimes is not an intruder, like in this case.

James Hamilton, Senior Vice President, GDBA

Other Details on the California Rail Yard Shooting

Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend stated that he is not mentally stable. Although wanting to remain anonymous, she said that they have had many troubles during and after their relationship. Among them was him stealing her car after the breakup. Upon reporting it to the local police department, nothing happened, and he returned it a month later damaged.

Strangely, he filed a restraining order against her, for which the reasons are fictitious, in her opinion. She responded by also filing a restraining order against him.

When Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend found out about the California Rail Yard shooting, she was not all that surprised.

Sadly, amid a yearlong rise in gun violence throughout the US, record firearms sales have also been evident. During president Biden’s address in the aftermath of the event, he urged Congress to take immediate action. The US president stated that “There are at least eight families who will never be whole again.”

Finally, experts hope for swift measures in preventing future mass shootings and reforming America’s gun laws. It may be too late for those who died in the California Rail Yard shooting, but it isn’t for future potential mass shooting victims.

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