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The Importance of Corporate Security

With so many different definitions of corporate security out there, one of the most frequently used ones is that corporate security is the sum total of strategies implemented to identify and effectively mitigate or manage any occurrence or development...

Hand to Hand Combat Training and Executive Protection

Executive protection is an awesome profession. And if you want to have a chance of making it in this business, you will need training and specialized knowledge of a number of skills - from surveillance, first aid, defensive driving to many others. Hand to hand combat training is traditionally considered one of...

The Dangers of Maritime Piracy Today

Even though the days of black flags showing skulls and crossbones are long gone, maritime piracy remains a crime with serious consequences for the shipping industry and the global economy. More importantly, piracy still takes a huge toll in...

Latest News

Press Release: Standards for Providing Executive Protection

Las Vegas, Nevada – In a positive move for those requiring specialized personal protection, and to all stakeholders involved...

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