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When is an Executive Protection Proposal Needed?

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Putting together an executive protection proposal is necessary when soliciting contracting partners. Especially during the first days of starting a new EP business. Or, if you’re starting a venture as a solo practitioner. At any rate, the use of a good request for proposal is unavoidable if you want to reach a high level of transparency between competing bidders. 

Many organizations have purchasing policies and procedures in place. These companies have already established personalized guidelines and templates regarding Request For Proposals (RFP).  

Still, very few companies have a good deal of experience in outsourcing specialist partner services like executive protection. The issue is a lack of blueprints available covering the strategy essentials one needs to include in the document.  

And the reason for this is simple. Those involved in corporate strategy know little about executive protection, and vice versa. In fact, when it comes to regulations and requirements within the CP industry, many things happen without a strategy.  

Now, given the executive protection program’s close-up-and-personal visibility with top execs, this may be problematic.  

So here we are, sharing a planning process and document outline that will help plan EP programs for corporate clients.  

Organisations looking to procure protective security provisions will likely have very little understanding of the profession. Frequently, we witness a procurement department making security-related decisions.

This is why it is important for companies to engage with a protective security consultant to aid them in building an appropriate RFP, and ensure organisations are engaging with appropriate vendors that actually provide these services.

Significant amounts of due diligence are required, with a thorough understanding of the local market and vendors within the market who can provide such services.

This is a very specialised area, with many companies claiming to offer such services, very few factually and actually do.

— Adam Green, Security Risk Management Leader

Understanding an Executive Protection Proposal   

Issuing executive protection proposal documents is constructive when trying to connect with vendors, consultants, partners, or organizations. More so, it helps to structure the process of selecting a vendor for subcontracting purposes, i.e., the outsourcing of security services. 

RFP are standard practice in the corporate industry when requesting purchases and services.  

But we must ask why should an EP company construct an RFP or this document of solicitation. 

Well, because all parties involved in either providing or retaining services must have their expectations explicitly expressed in the contract. Implementing an executive protection proposal clarifies the decision criteria needed to apply in choosing your EP partners.  

It also enables one to ask the right questions to make an informed decision. After all, when you’re asking a vendor to help support a specific project or need, it’s pertinent to take the time to outline the ways they will contribute to solving company problems.  

close protection officer

For the most part, this helps clear up any confusions that may pop up down the track. Next, everyone knows what their roles and responsibilities are concerning the contract. 

Let’s Talk About Benefits   

Executive protection companies and solo practitioners often engage in substantial planning to protect individuals and their families. The role of a close protection officer can overlap with other similar responsibilities, depending on the circumstances. 

For this reason, the types of protective services the individual or company wants to contract must be as transparent as possible. And yes, in many instances, contract transparency is a given. But without it, fears of misuse are apt to flourish, and conflict among stakeholders will be magnified.  

In the case of a corporation, executive protection proposals do not need to address all aspects of the program in-house. Rather, they often outsource vendors to provide specialized services. For example, numerous organizations benefit from the services of an EP company during travel and assignments with an increased threat level that demands expert protection.  

Furthermore, the outsourcing of an executive protection team helps to augment the knowledge, skills, and training of the in-house security team on an as-needed basis. As such, determining if contract policies and management are in order is absolutely necessary.   

Note: Most of the purchasing decisions made by the security department will not figure prominently on the principal’s or CEO’s radar, but it will be for the people who provide CP protection.  

How it Happens? 

Realistically, it can be difficult or impossible for corporations with no experience in executive protection to know exactly what they need. A well-planned strategy or proposal should detail how individuals will be searched, shortlisted, and evaluated. 

So, let’s outline a tried and tested way to structure an executive protection proposal (or a request for proposal).  

From the get-go, it’s vital to make clear just what kind of protective services the company or individual wants to contract. So, start by getting some general background information from all vendors. Ask tough questions: Are they profitable? Are they growing? Can they be counted on in a year’s time now? 

Top Tip: Try to move beyond all the marketing talk and get a good sense of what makes the vendor tick. 

It’s also a good idea to lay out the decision criteria in clusters, weighing each according to relative importance. Case in point, price will inevitably be one of the most scrutinized of all the criteria because you get what you pay for. And, unfortunately, the costs of a failed EP program can be much greater than purely financial. 

But here are some common guidelines worth considering: 

  • Quality control: Use of quality assurance programs. 
  • Environmental: Certifications used to ensure compliance. 
  • Non-discrimination: How is diversity reflected in the protective team?
  • Anti-corruption: Integrating policies regarding corruption, bribery, etc. 
  • Insurance: Level of coverage protection. 

Executive protection is an investment that will be scrutinized in many ways. That’s why the points below should be paid particular attention to when assessing how vendors organize the bare bones of their services. 

  • Operational planning, 
  • Staffing and training,
  • Contingency/response plans,
  • Expense reporting, and
  • Personnel evaluation. 

Executive Protection Proposal

Final Words  

An executive protection proposal is ultimately an exchange of value and the solicitation of a secure and transparent partnership. Now, depending on the complexity of the scope of work, the RFP process could take anywhere from weeks to several months.  

Anyone who wants to be taken seriously needs to make evident an understanding of the client’s issues and produce a strategy that dictates tactics. One where making and defending the decisions on outsourcing, insourcing, or how to embed key executive protection positions are pertinent.

And, the application of rigorous decision criteria in choosing an EP partner that will enable them to ask the right questions to make informed decisions. 

Lastly, trust is what it all comes down to. Trust in both the security plan and in the partnering team to ensure the success of the business, not hinder it. 

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