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Executive Protection Companies in 2023: Choosing the Best

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We live in the age of overflowing social media posts and photos of security professionals claiming to be the best in their craft. So, it can be tricky to tell the difference between EP firms that deliver on their promise and those that are just for show. Hence, this article explores the major qualities of the best executive protection companies in 2023.

No matter the industry segment you are part of, there are a few timeless markers that have both the protectees and the EP company at heart. In a recent EP Wired poll on social media, we asked the community to weigh in on the vital aspects. In descending order, we present you the most important ones picked by industry members:

  • Geographical footprint (40%)
  • Client identities (29%)
  • Revenue (17%)
  • Workforce size (15%)

Likewise, diverse services seem to be a pain point for many. This aspect can include secure transport, celebrity protection, corporate security, and other EP segments.

Our poll showed that most respondents thought the geographical footprint matters the most. But, truth be told, the vast majority of EP companies struggle to have a worldwide or even region-wide presence. Instead, they typically partner with local subcontractors to provide services to their principals.

Whatever the case, here we will dissect the main characteristics of executive protection companies in 2023 — with help from a few prominent EP experts.

Troy Claydon, Panoptic Solutions

I find that the best executive protection companies in 2023 are the ones that get the job done, they deliver on what they say they will, and they are transparent when hurdles arise to come up with the best solution for you, the client and, overall, principal. It’s not always the company that has the greatest marketing or the loudest voice in the room.

Reliability, likability, respect, and professional courtesy go a long way in an industry that can sometimes have egos and attitudes.

We at Panoptic Solutions have been fortunate to work with some great EP companies as clients, as well as others who support us as vendors or partners. I find that like attracts like — that is, we believe in all those attributes I mentioned and tend to gravitate toward other companies who offer the same respect and professionalism.

Daniel Weil, SCS – Security Crisis Solutions

The professional side is obvious. I want to believe that people do their due diligence to ensure they contract a trusted and professional company to handle their executives.

Anyway, I don’t want to focus on this aspect today.

What distinguishes good executive protection companies in 2023 (and in any given year) from others is their approach and service-like attitude. Nothing is more frustrating than a company that makes you feel like they are doing you a favor by being contracted.

On the other hand, the ones that truly appreciate their client and are always happy to help, be flexible to changes, and do not make a big deal of any slight change in the itinerary are already putting themselves in a better position than other companies.

The nature of EP is to constantly be ready for changes. Anyone who worked with HNW individuals, higher-level corporate executives, or any other VIPs understands that.

Transparency and Sense of Control

As a CSO and even as a corporate security team, you can’t be on every detail the company’s executives have. So you will need to contract a company to support some of these tasks without being there.

If you as a company are able to give the CSO/client that sense of control and that everything is in order, you are making yourself a valuable partner for them. It is extremely important to keep the CSO/client in the loop and to help them feel in control of the operation even when you are not physically there.

Quick tips: If you want to be constantly contracted and have your clients coming back to you again and again, make sure to:

  1. Be flexible. Flexibility is key.
  2. Don’t make a big deal of small things. Try to be helpful and a problem solver rather than adding difficulties.
  3. Be easy to communicate with. Answer your phone, report back according to what you are being asked.
  4. Stay as loyal and transparent as you expect others to be. Your reputation and dignity are above everything.

executive protection companies in 2023

Damien Scott, Bedrock Special Projects

The best executive protection companies in 2023 will have the following major qualities:

Client-focused: The best companies put the client’s needs up front and tailor their work product to meld into their unique lifestyle.

Service-oriented: The EP professional chooses to live a life of quiet service to others. He never places his needs before the client.

Discretion: Everything that occurs within his client’s sphere, relationships, home, and business — is private. The pro will never discuss these matters outside his immediate team. He doesn’t take pictures, selfies, or videos of his work for self-promotion.

Quiet professionalism: The best companies and agents exercise a quiet, humble, and professional approach to their service.

Robert Currie, RC Advisory Services

The best executive protection companies in 2023 are obviously supported by discrete and well-trained operators. These are obvious table stakes. However, they should also be transparent about who they use as EP operators, explain in detail their ongoing training, and be open to feedback.

The most significant indicator of an excellent EP company is its unwavering operational standards. Too often, companies are pressured by demanding clients to do more with less and will “bend,” thereby:

The best companies will explain the necessity of adequate resources and maintain their baseline standards.

Executive Protection Companies in 2023 and Beyond

This article explored the main traits of the best executive protection companies in 2023. We hope to have untangled the web of uncertainty related to what makes an excellent EP firm.

In summary, to distinguish the best of the best, you need to verify if they:

  • Deliver on their promise and get the job done,
  • Tend to be flexible and maintain great communication skills,
  • Have a service-like attitude and put their clients first,
  • Stay loyal and transparent no matter what,
  • Provide the client with a feeling of control,
  • Exude discretion and quiet professionalism,
  • Explain the necessity of adequate resources.

Interestingly, clients are often clueless about which signs to look for when choosing their select security team. In fact, countless principals rely on their personal assistants to choose their EP company.

In any case, we predict that these and similar qualities of executive protection firms will remain sought-after in the coming years. At any rate, we suggest using this article as a go-to guide whenever you have any doubts!

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