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Estate Security – The Road Less Traveled

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Executive protection details are indeed sought after assignments to young and transitioning security professionals due to public perception (i.e., the black suit, sunglasses, and earpieces). This combines with rubbing elbows with potential public figures and celebrities. 

As most executive protection professionals with experience in the industry will explain, most “public figures” and “celebrities” are not as glamorous as one might think. In fact, especially in the private security realm, most executive protection agents are protecting just that…executives

A well-known figure is bound to materialize on an executive protection agent/teams’ portfolio. Yet, it is not limited to the physical person. 

Principals with high profiles are mostly fortunate to accumulate “priceless” items. This is why executive protection is 90% personal protection, but what about that other 10%?

Estate security is an avenue of executive protection not usually sought by those interested in a career in executive protection because of the initial focus on protecting a human principal(s).  

estate security

However, many principals interestingly place more value on a tangible object or piece(s) of information than a loved one. Therefore, learning and training on escorting, recognizing aggressors, and close protection intelligence is absolutely an imperative acumen of the industry. 

Still, those with aspirations of being an executive protection agent, especially if considering a leadership position or even starting an executive protection consultancy, should know about risk assessments, especially in relation to homes, lodging, and places of work. 

Risk assessments play a significant role in protecting people and property. In other words, estate security at its best.

Innocent Photos and Estate Security

Principal(s) or those who manage principal(s) merit not only security but also discretion with regards to the belongings under protection.   

Executive protection agents who have protected property for principals must ensure that the information and items they are entrusted with safeguarding are not carelessly and inadvertently made public, especially by someone on the close protection team.  

Private security organizations have stellar men and women, both with high and minimal experience. They do exemplary jobs to protect principal(s)’ property and not share such information with others, such as family and friends. 

Unfortunately, some are not as successful in ensuring the aforementioned. Although tempting for some, all it takes is an “innocent” picture to cause dire consequences.

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