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Introduction to Executive Protection Books: EP Booklet

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If you have been part of the industry for a while, you probably know of numerous executive protection books that go in-depth on big-picture EP. So much so that experienced and emerging practitioners may sometimes lose sight of the specific branches that make up our industry.

That’s why we sat down with security experts to do an extensive recap of the five EP segments: 

  • Celebrity protection, 
  • Protection of HNWIs, 
  • Personal security detail, 
  • Corporate protection, and 
  • Diplomatic protection. 

This short guide on protecting the world’s wealthy and prominent equips you with insight into the branches of EP, what they have in common or don’t, and how to approach them as either an aspiring or seasoned agent. 


Executive protection imposes physical and psychological barriers to safeguard the principal or client, as well as their immediate environment, including: 

  • Family, 
  • Entourage, 
  • Office, 
  • Corporate building or 
  • Parking lot. 

For those less familiar with industry-related terms, we bring you a short glossary at the beginning of the booklet that includes explanations for the following phrases: 

  • Protector, 
  • Protectee, 
  • Principal, 
  • Client, 
  • VIP, and 
  • HNW. 

It can be hard to keep up with so many new and shiny things that require your attention. For this reason, we illustrate everything in an easy-to-digest way for your convenience!

Our EP booklet rivals the most recent executive protection books, combining their deepest insights with the latest security trends. As a result, here’s a sneak peek into what words of wisdom you can expect when you click download:

“Private clientele and Fortune 500 companies now seek employees with skill sets that separate them from the bodyguard stereotype. While education and training are still expected, experience in logistics planning and protective advance work has become the standard for modern EP teams around the globe.”  

Kevin Dye, Senior Manager of Executive Protection, Procter & Gamble 

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