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Why Consider Corporate Security Services?

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Why consider corporate security and the services they provide? Well, these security companies come with a team available around the clock to help uncover, mitigate, and resolve a range of issues and threats. Not to mention, vulnerabilities that exist inside the foundation can potentially compromise its future financial standing.    

According to IBM, the average cost of data breaches only this year amounted to well over USD 4.24 million. That is the highest total cost in a 17-year history. Interestingly, the leading factor for this was remote work due to the COVID pandemic.   

In addition, many company-wide hazards result in significant financial loss and irreversible damage to a business’s reputation. For this reason, a strong security team caters to an organizations’ and groups’ complex and dynamic culture, both when interacting and constructing strategy plans. 

Most global companies will likely have an embedded regional security manager who will oversee a cluster of locations. Large companies will use a local guard force company to provide security services at either office, site, or leased spaces.

Therefore, it is vital to conduct due diligence and seek a reputable company in the country with a proven history of providing such services. This also highlights the need for an in-country subject matter expert to appropriately advise, especially here in the GCC.

Insider threat is a significant threat to corporate entities, and the security of information is paramount. Corporate security services go far beyond a guard on a front desk, managing elevator access, and sitting in a control room monitoring CCTV. Ask yourself, what is being done to prevent an employee from removing portable media devices from the premises? How is the removal of IT assets from company property managed? And what is in place to monitor such devices?

Corporate security should not be taken lightly and must complement and enable your business to grow whilst ensuring the security of your assets at all times.

Adam Green, Certified Security Management Professional

The Shifting Business of Corporate Security 

No doubt the force of globalization has created a shift in the pace of corporate life. As it happens, even security services are shifting priorities to accommodate the current needs. But what exactly does this mean?

For one thing, it’s more than securing a business’ premises. Secondly, it’s all about providing a more holistic approach to security to achieve an alignment between security and business.

In other words, a holistic security strategy is one that uses a multi-layered approach. It addresses:     

  • People,
  • Capabilities,
  • Technology,
  • Processes, and
  • Government obligations.  

Not to mention, the presence of security cameras alone is no deterrent for skilled perpetrators. A broad selection of corporate security services needs to take place to secure premises and safeguard the business. Furthermore, surveillance cameras have their place, but only when using them alongside:  

  • Controlled access and security,
  • Concierge services,
  • 24-hour surveillance monitoring,
  • Personal drivers, personal body officers,
  • Elaborate alarm systems with coded entry access pads.     

Not only will smaller companies benefit from hiring private security services to help sustain their corporate mission, but also a way to protect their employees and clientele. Employing the right people helps a company execute the best interests of their organization and protect the premises and reputation.  

A Suite of Security Services on Offer   

Firstly, this means providing clear and well-explained information. Secondly, it means having a sound strategy blended within the whole structure of the organization. That means making use of various security tools to protect the organization both offline and online.

What’s more, businesses of all sizes are sensitive to the type of violence threatening employees and the livelihood of the organization. As such, particular security measures (fraud deterrence, compliance, and ethics programs, etc.) ought to be installed in areas that relate specifically to the company are chosen.   

But not all companies require the same level of services to maintain a safe and secure environment.      

A solid security strategy involves performing foot patrols on commercial establishments and parking complexes. As well as monitor the surroundings of the property.    

The front desk concierge is the first line of protection to keep unwelcome visitors out. The more layers of security in place the more secure a commercial property. After all, the goal is to make it harder for attackers to accomplish their objective. And that’s what you will achieve by executing these strategies. 

Outsourcing Security Services vs in-House Security       

One of the main considerations a company has to make is whether to go with contract security or an in-house team. There’s no clear-cut answer for this. There are benefits to both. You need to consider which option better liabilities and the overall cost in time and resources. Along these lines, you also determine the best fit for your organization. 

In-house security means you can integrate security into other areas of the company. This way, complete management control is achieved. Businesses also have the opportunity to upskill the capability of their security staff. Other advantages of an in-house security program include:   

  • Control over security management,
  • Strong focus on customers, and
  • Guard retention. 

Most contract security companies take care of all minutiae day-to-day security issues. This means that business owners can rest assured professionals are taking care of everything. Outsourcing your security services is a fairly straightforward process. Once a contract is signed, the private security team must meet the expectations in the contract.  

The many advantages of using a contract security company include:   

  • Cover all liabilities and insurance issues,
  • Outsource checks, training, and hiring of staff,
  • Access a broad range of licensed officers, and
  • Meet changing security conditions.  

Why consider corporate security?

Customizing services to meet the needs of the business is key to creating a productive working climate. Furthermore, when you consider corporate security companies make sure the services they provide are reliable and of a high standard. Hence, ensuring people and businesses are safeguarded.  

Asset Protection: Every business has critical information, technology, and other facilities that are essential to the services the organization provides. A corporate security team implements proven strategies to deter crime and prevent asset loss.     

corporate security services

Data Protection: Today, fast-growing internet security solutions need to be handled with care. Using the right security tools helps keep businesses on track by safeguarding important information and documents. Strategies for data protection include: 

  • DNS security,   
  • Anti-phishing systems,   
  • Anti-malware software,
  • Automated software patching,
  • Password managers, and
  • IAM (identify and access management) tools.  

Crisis Management: Issues and hazards can strike without warning. From medical emergencies to natural disasters, fires, and other similar interruptions result in extended disruption to the company. Not to mention the growing financial stress.   

Whatever the crisis at hand, businesses want security leaders and teams to react quickly and clearly during this time. That includes: deescalating the situation, providing safe transportation, contacting law enforcement, etc.     

Crime Prevention: Almost any business will benefit from installing a commercial security system. That goes hand in hand with having on-site security officers to protect the premises. Especially when surveillance cameras are installed in the entry, hallways, exit points, and other parts of the building. And, consistently monitored.      

Top Benefits of Corporate Security Services  

From surveillance monitoring to crime prevention strategies, there are many reasons to consider corporate security, such as:    

  1. Provide quick response during difficult situations. That allows staff to continue performing their duties uninterrupted.
  2. Maintain the proper protection layers to reduce the risk of exposing vital data to unauthorized users.
  3. Prevent employee theft and workers looking to exploit the company.  

Another reason is to create a sense of security for staff in the workplace. Because a safe workplace enhances overall employee satisfaction. Not just that, but a safe workplace can increase your overall customer base. In fact, it’s common knowledge customers want to go where they feel both comfortable and safe.  

Wrap Up 

So, why consider corporate security services for your organization? For one thing, applying sound and reliable services helps safeguard against potential attacks on both personnel and internal systems.

That being the case, a genuine and capable team can deliver proper, secure measures while remaining flexible and maintaining professional standards.

Moreover, they can help uncover, mitigate, and avoid potential issues and threats against a company. Moreover, they help corporations save millions of dollars in damages.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of corporate security services until a major crisis appears. One the company is not well prepared to deal with.

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Right?

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