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Wedding Day Intrusion: Britney Spears Fires Security Team

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As the media report, Britney Spears fires security team following their failure to stop her ex-husband Jason Alexander from attempting to gate-crash her wedding to Sam Asghari hours before the event.  

Expectedly, Britney Spears isn’t taking any chances. In fact, she fired all security personnel who had a part in Alexander making it inside.   

According to various sources, the alleged failure to stop Alexander from entering the premises of Spears’ house – on her wedding day – likely prompted the star to hire a new protection team. A move not in the least surprising.  

Furthermore, the intruder chose to live-stream himself while trespassing onto the singer’s property and inside her home. Video footage shows Alexander approaching event security personnel – telling them Britney had invited him – and that he planned to crash the event.

Britney Spears fires security team
Britney’s ex storms inside her wedding venue. Copyright @BritneyTheStan

Moreover, the Louisiana native, armed with a weapon, continued to live-stream while making demands to see and speak to Spears before her nuptials. A physical struggle between him and security followed.  

Luckily, Alexander did not make contact with the singer. Ventura County Police Department quickly responded to a trespassing call, coming to restrain the trespasser. 

Something Old, Something New! 

Some may view the news that Britney Spears fires security team as a hasty action. In reality, the quick response is also a rational decision.  

Last year, an account by an employee of Ms. Spears’ former security team revealed a disturbing portrait of the singer’s life under 13 years of conservatorship 

Britney Spears’s father and the security firm he hired to protect her ran an intense surveillance scheme that monitored all her communications. They secretly captured audio recordings from her bedroom.

The recording of intimate interactions and chats, without someone’s knowledge, breaks California consent law. As it is, early this year, Spears won her quest to terminate the strict guardianship she attested to have been suffering under.  

Sources reveal that Spears’ lawyer is now working with law enforcement to ensure Alexander is rightfully prosecuted. And, that the star and her family can feel safe in their new home.  

At the end of the day, whether or not the security staff is at fault is hard to gauge. What’s undeniably clear is that an unauthorized intruder gained access to the star’s property and home. Had he also managed to make contact with Ms. Spears herself, this would be an entirely different conversation.  

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