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Allied Universal Acquires Three Security Firms

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Leading security and facility services company Allied Universal continues its global expansion in North America and the international market. The globally renowned protective solutions powerhouse announces the acquisitions of three new companies, including: 

  • International Protective Service Agency (IPSA) from New York, 
  • CQB Beveiliging B.V. (CQB) from the Netherlands, and  
  • Kronjyllands Vagtservice A/S (KRV) from Denmark.  

Allied Universal provides proactive security services that tailor solutions to the client, allowing them to focus on their core business. What’s more, they pride themselves on their expansive resources – proficiency, discretion, and integrity – to provide unparalleled services.

Indeed, the deployment of efficient processes and systems serves their clients well.  

Earlier this year, Allied Universal announced seven acquisitions – three in North America and four internationally. While last year they acquired ten companies, including G4S.   

Of course, such acquisitions will go a long way in helping the company expand its global footprint and continue to provide value to its customers and communities.   

Acquisition of International Protective Service Agency 

The largest of the three companies, the International Protective Service Agency (IPSA), will be joining the Allied Universal team this year. IPSA is to become a part of the world’s top security providers.  

Indeed, Allied Universal’s Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Jones hopes for a seamless transition. “With a shared focus on customer service and integrated security solutions,” says Jones. 

Allied Universal

Furthermore, Jones added: “I’m excited to welcome the IPSA employees to the Allied Universal team.” Likewise, Jerry Heying, the Founder, and Owner of the International Protective Service Agency (IPSA) responded to two of our questions:

EP Wired: How will this reflect on our industry?

Jerry Heying: It began several years ago when large companies bought other companies and so on. As fast as large companies buy smaller companies, new companies will be founded.

EP Wired: Why did you decide to move forward with this acquisition?

Jerry Heying: The impact of Covid was significant to my guard business. Based on that and other business concerns, I decided, if not now, when? So I sold just my uniformed guard business so I could focus on EP and upscale services, as well as EP Training. I am keeping IPG and EPI. I chose Allied as a strong company that could service my existing clients through troubled times.

The uniform guard service business has become more difficult with rising costs and low margins. The larger companies can actually do better because of volume and lower overhead providing customers economical service. There will always be choices customers can make as no one company can dominate the whole industry. 
The sale of my uniform guard agency will allow me to be able to focus on executive protection, protection driving, upscale services, and investigations. 

Strategic Acquisitions to Expand Globally 

According to Allied Universal, the merger with Kronjyllands Vagtservice A/S (KRV) and CQB Beveiliging B.V. (CQB) represents Allied’s strategic growth internationally. Specifically, it will bring expanded density and scale to existing patrol and response divisions of Allied Universal’s international business, G4S.  

In particular, local patrol and response business CQB Beveiliging B.V. will help strengthen G4S Netherlands’ business and enhance existing services to customers in the Southwest of the country.  

Overall, the purchase of IPSA, CQB Beveiliging B.V, and Kronjyllands Vagtservice will fuel Allied Universal’s growth strategy, both domestically and abroad.

Finally, a successful acquisition can only mean greater financial strength for all companies involved in the transaction. 

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