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Hollywood Stars with Armed Bodyguards to Remember

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We hate to have to tell you this, but not all bodyguards generate the same buzz. Some we don’t even notice, whereas others behave as if they were part of the principal’s entourage. Anyway, Hollywood stars with armed bodyguards tend to either impress us a great deal or leave us unmoved.

So, which group do you belong to? No matter your response, we’ve prepared a few steps you can take to dazzle the people around you. In The Secret to Successful Security Teams, the famous EP professional Anton Kalaydjian told us about what he thinks astonishing bodyguard teams are made of.

Spoiler alert: It’s not shooting every chance you get.

Among other things, he said that, When you have each guard playing their position, whether it be CPO, Advance, Venue Security, Driver, or Support, there is nothing better. And we couldn’t agree more. Hollywood stars with armed bodyguards who mean business are simply priceless.

Please don’t take our word for it. Just read all articles about every single scandalous and serious situation ever, and you’ll get the idea.

In that sense, having a big, tall friend with virtually no experience protecting a principal would only do you a disservice. Suitably armed bodyguards need to have the necessary training to be able to perform outstanding work.

How to Stay Remembered as a Bodyguard

According to many skilled EP professionals, people are increasingly worried about their security. Gun crime is on the rise, and executive protection agents have to satisfy a growing demand for their services. And not just that, but they also need to keep on improving their hard skills and soft skills. The list is endless.

Different bodyguards and other industry professionals do different things to make sure people remember them. Some do it rather well, and it’s hard to forget their stunts. Others seem like they entered the industry two weeks ago. We aren’t here to judge but merely point you in the right direction.

So, what are the differentiating factors? We’ll mention the most crucial ones to the success of a proficient bodyguard.

Excellent judgment

No surprise here. Excellent judgment in responding, the ability to remain calm and collected in stressful environments is a must for all bodyguards. If you are a team leader, finding out who your fellow colleague really is will either make or break the future protection detail.

Note that we didn’t write good enough judgment. We wrote excellent judgment.

Physical shape and fitness

If a bodyguard is fit and healthy, his mind is 100% capable of dealing with threats. If not, that same person is putting the principal’s life in jeopardy. Well, you might as well let the attacker get to the client in that case. Don’t be reckless, use caffeine strategically, and get enough sleep.

Well rested, well-fed, and vigilant are the three characteristics to look for in bodyguards.

Lone wolf and team player

As much as we emphasize the importance of teamwork, the ability to work alone is still critical. A bodyguard who knows how to act when protecting the executive on their own is a valuable asset.

Professionals will be professionals

We know it may seem obvious. Yet, the once exclusively reputable executive protection craft has fallen prey to rookies who are dishonoring the industry.

We’ve said it a few times on the EP Wired magazine, and we’ll repeat it: self-confidence is among the top features of any bodyguard. The way he or she acts either exudes assurance or creates tension. What’s it going to be?

Industry know-how and presence

Everybody who has ever attempted to get into the EP industry knows how hard it is. It’s excruciatingly painful when you get rejected over and over again. In plain terms, it’s like when you approach attractive members of your desired sex, and they keep turning you down. It wrecks your confidence and puts you in an awkward place.

However, as soon as you start meeting some people and getting their approval, things shift all of a sudden. Before you know it, people ask you for quotes and request your presence at conferences and webinars. It’s a long journey to greatness. In the words of American businessman and religious leader:

“Desire, burning desire, is basic to achieving anything beyond the ordinary.”

hollywood stars with armed bodyguards
Source: USA Today

The Unforgettable Hollywood Stars with Armed Bodyguards

We remember famous Hollywood stars because they are all around us. They are watching us from the TV, the newspapers, and social media. Mildly put, you can’t dodge them. However, what about their bodyguards? Can you remember them? And which ones? The most corpulent or hottest ones? Those with the biggest guns or muscles?

If your answer to any of those questions was affirmative, can you now recall their names? We bet you’ll have a difficult time doing that, provided you aren’t a long-time member of the industry.

The honorable bodyguards and EP agents protecting the lives of the most famous Hollywood stars deserve so much more. The silent deeds of many of them get overlooked or only discussed on rare podcasts and public events.

Some industry professionals are even so humble that they don’t want to talk about it. They see their heroic deeds as another professional duty and nothing else. Honestly, bragging isn’t in the top 10 things on their minds.

Okay, you might be thinking to yourself now: Well, you portray the picture of the perfect bodyguard or EP agent, but most agents aren’t like that. And we’d argue that every close protection professional deserves the benefit of the doubt. Primarily because honor plays a sizable role in our industry.

Our Top Hollywood Stars

When we started compiling this list, it wasn’t easy to select our top five individuals and couples, so we decided on 10. Actually, scratch that and make it 15.

Without further ado, the most notable Hollywood celebrities with armed bodyguards comprise:

  1. Britney Spears,
  2. Christina Aguilera,
  3. Geri Halliwell,
  4. Kylie Minogue,
  5. Madonna,
  6. Cheryl Cole,
  7. Jennifer Lopez,
  8. Shakira,
  9. Jennifer Aniston,
  10. Adele,
  11. Angelina Jolie,
  12. Kylie Jenner,
  13. Beyoncé and Jay-Z,
  14. Tom Cruise,
  15. David and Victoria Beckham.

Most of them ― if not all ― have a lot on their celeb plate. And thinking about who is on their protective detail isn’t a priority.

Should this change, and should the general public know more about the silent heroes and protectors? Let us know in the comments!

Summing Up

But before you go, here are a few finishing remarks on Hollywood stars with armed bodyguards.

If it looks extravagant to the protectors and EP agents who had gotten close to it all, then it’s because it really is. A life of luxury and no real headaches. Well, apart from the occasional celebrity protection scandal.

All in all, we at EP Wired have a few recommendations on this topic:

  • Avoid mixing business and pleasure at all costs.
  • Don’t buy a Rolex just because you saw it on a client’s wrist and you think it’s sleek.
  • Recognize the EP pretender disease in yourself and others ― and eliminate it.
  • Be as authentic as possible because people will know if you’re a fake.
  • Investigate more on this topic with The Whys of Anti-Gun Celebrities with Armed Bodyguards.

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