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Should a Bodyguard Hold an Umbrella for Their Principle?

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Kendall Jenner, a well-known model and member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, recently made headlines after being photographed with her bodyguard holding an umbrella over her head. The incident sparked a heated debate on social media, with many people criticizing her for making her bodyguard hold an umbrella.

The photo shows Kendall walking in the rain while her bodyguard is keeping her covered holding an umbrella over her head. Some people argued that she should have held the umbrella herself or simply gotten wet like everyone else.

The Backlash Over an Umbrella

The incident quickly went viral on social media, with many people weighing in on the controversy. Some people defended Jenner, arguing that it’s not uncommon for celebrities to have assistants or bodyguards to help them with various tasks.

Others criticized her for what they saw as entitled behavior, saying that she should have been more independent and held the umbrella herself.

In response to the criticism, Jenner posted a message on Instagram stories, saying, “Of course, I have the ability to hold my own umbrella, but it was pouring rain and I had no umbrella with me. He offered, and I accepted. Not sure what’s wrong with that!”

Should Bodyguards Hold Umbrellas?

The controversy over Kendall Jenner’s use of her bodyguard to hold an umbrella raises an interesting question: is it proper or in line with security best practices to have your bodyguard hold your umbrella?

On one hand, having a bodyguard hold an umbrella can be seen as a reasonable request, particularly in inclement weather. A bodyguard is responsible for protecting their client’s safety, which includes keeping them dry and comfortable in bad weather conditions. Holding an umbrella over a client’s head could be seen as just another aspect of their job.

On the other hand, some people argue that having a bodyguard hold an umbrella is a misuse of their skills and abilities. Bodyguards are trained to protect their clients from physical harm, not to perform menial tasks like holding an umbrella. Additionally, having a bodyguard hold an umbrella could draw unwanted attention to the client, making them a target for potential threats.

Final Remarks

In the end, whether or not it’s proper to have your bodyguard hold your umbrella may come down to personal preference and the specific circumstances of the situation. However, it’s important to remember that bodyguards are hired for their skills in protecting their clients, and their responsibilities should be focused on that aspect of their job.

Let us know what you think – is holding an umbrella the proper use of a bodyguards skill or does it interfere with their primary duties?

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