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Press Release: Standards for Providing Executive Protection

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Las Vegas, Nevada – In a positive move for those requiring specialized personal protection, and to all stakeholders involved in the Executive Protection industry, the Board of Executive Protection Professionals (BEPP) has commenced the process of creating an American National Standard Institute (ANSI) approved “Standards for Providing Executive Protection”.

“Although most people do not realize it, standards and the methods used to assess conformity to standards are absolutely critical.” Stated in testimony given on the topic of, “The Role of Standards in Today’s Society and in the Future” on Sept 13, 2000, by the National Institute of Standards and Technology – U.S. Department of Commerce. They went on to say that standards are, “vital to industry and commerce, and crucial to the health and safety of Americans”.

For some time, Protection Professionals have recognized the void of industry consistency and the dire need for Standards specific to Executive Protection. When charged with the protection and security of individuals, including children, it is imperative to have certain minimum standards to refer to, which currently do not exist. The motivation is to create a consistent and measurable platform in this niche yet expanding security industry market.

This BEPP is composed of seasoned professionals who will manage the process of creating the first Executive Protection National Standard. The array of contributions by industry professionals who participate in the development of this document is what renders it a Standard. Once approved, this Standard will be registered with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI is a private, nonprofit organization that oversees the creation of Standards for various processes, products, systems, services, and personnel in nearly every business sector in the United States.

The BEPP urges anyone interested in contributing to this momentous task to become a member of either the Technical Committee, Working Group, or both. You can find additional information about this project, the BEPP, and complete an online application at www.ep-board.org.

Press Contact
Name: James Cameron Mobile: 714.510.0671
Email: info@ep-board.org
Website: www.ep-board.org

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