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The Best Executive Protection Tools

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If you came here expecting to learn that guns are the most useful means to protect clients, you are in for a surprise. Executive protection agents don’t use firearms as often as people may think. Before we get to the best executive protection tools, let’s examine the reasoning behind tool usage.

Executive Protection Tools to Make You Invincible

First, tools make the life of EP agents a lot easier and smoother. Instead of thinking of elaborate methods to provide urgent medical assistance, you can have an all-inclusive first aid kit.

Rather than using your smartphone for internal EP communication, you can purchase a handy global sat communicator. Tools make every task, large or small, far more fluid, removing obstacles that at first might seem insurmountable.

And on and on it goes. The possibilities are endless with the right executive protection tools at your disposal. Even though the prices are often high, the payoff on the long run far surpasses the initial costs. After all, your clients, colleagues, and you are far safer that way.

Acrylic Training Lock

The first on our list of the most useful tools is the Acrylic Training Lock package. It includes a see-through acrylic padlock, which you can use to train your lock picking skills. Based on a pin-tumbler lock – the most common lock type around – it provides an instructive look into its innards.

Lock picking can be a useful skill to learn. It can save your clients in hostage situations and fix all kinds of problems. You might even get to be considered the Houdini of executive protection. After all, it’s cool to get out of handcuffs and into locked venues all by yourself. To put the cherry on the cake, lock picking is fun, practical, and enjoyable.

Additionally, it is a skill that necessitates only little training and resolve, so you don’t have to worry about colossal training fees.

Cables and Chargers

Number two on our list are cables and chargers, which EP agents need all the time to charge their devices. Executive protection agents need training and licensing. But that’s not all they require. Specific gadgets are something they can’t do without.

You need to find a company to supply you with goodies to juice up your devices no matter where the job takes you. Consider Readyman’s products for this purpose

The last thing you need is your battery running out in the middle of an incident involving clients. You need to act fast and be efficient, and with zero juice in your global sat communicator, it’s going to be a mess. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are great companies out there that are going to make your life a lot easier. Consider Anker, a leader in the industry of portable chargers. Buying their stuff means you’ll get three benefits: durability, workability, and exceptional value for your money.

Best Executive Protection Tools

Camp Alert Perimeter Security System

Third on our list is CAPSS3 or the Camp Alert Perimeter Security System and Survival Signaling System. It’s a compact perimeter alert system that utilizes audio/visual alarms and tripwires.

Its main benefit is that it informs you if four or two-legged creatures entered your site. This could come in handy if you’re out in the wilderness with your client or in a mansion in the woods.

Additionally, if you are out hunting or fishing, there’s a chance you could run into black or even brown bears. It doesn’t look like a pleasant situation for either you or the person you are protecting. So, to be two steps ahead of any bears or four-legged beasts, just get CAPSS3, and you’re good to go. Besides the obvious benefits, this system can even scare off rascals as it emits audio alarms.

Produced by the company Brite Strike, CAPSS3 is lightweight, small, and easy to set up and carry in a backpack. It does wonders for those lonely evenings in the woods. However, it can also be helpful for events in impromptu halls. And it’s another no-brainer for any professional executive protection agent.

Satellite Communicator

Fourth on our list of the most helpful executive protection tools is the global sat communicator. It offers all the necessary functions, including built-in navigation, routing, SOS, waypoint, text messaging, and emails.

A prominent leader in the industry is the company Garmin that produced the InReach Explorer. It combines two devices in one. Namely, it’s an astonishing GPS navigator that sends and receives tweet-length messages. And it doesn’t play a role where on Earth you go, because it will fulfill its responsibilities no matter what.

Emergency Phones

Fifth, emergency mobile phones are also quite useful in many situations. Mostly when your other phone doesn’t work, or it’s missing. In this regard, the SpareOne phone is one of a kind, and it has 2 AA batteries. Interestingly, it holds a built-in panic siren, a flashlight, and locate/alert buttons.

However, one of the downsides is that it runs on AT&T’s US network. That means that you, as the user, will need a pre-paid annual plan of at least 120 minutes. This gets you all the functionalities for USD 25.00 annually.

Are Guns Useless in EP?

To address the elephant in the room, executive protection agents rarely use guns in their daily work. This probably contradicts their general public image, as men or women with pistols strapped to their hips.

While hiring a protection agency, the client rarely looks for martial arts, evasive driving maneuvering skills, and shooting capabilities. Weapons and other combat skills are seldom employed in this line of work. Really, if an executive protection agent uses some of these techniques, then they have failed their client.

Protection is all about preventing situations where these skills are need. When you pre-plan and execute in the right way, the need for physical force to protect your clients will never arise.

Getting clients away from potential hotspots, like crowds, is an enormously better move than letting them walk through them.

The Main Take-Away

To make your client, colleagues, and yourself feel 100% safe, bear in mind the following executive protection tools and techniques for EP purposes:

  • Learn to pick locks to prevent handcuffs from disabling you.
  • Secure cables and chargers for juicing up your devices.
  • Get the Camp Alert Perimeter Security System to keep two-legged and four-legged creatures away.
  • Purchase emergency mobile phones and a global sat communicator to run your team smoothly.

And remember: Guns should be your last resort in any situation.

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