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Best Workplace Safety Tips in The Executive Protection Industry

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Executive protection as career choice is not for everyone. It is a profession dedicated to the protection of people and one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Workplace safety tips are essential in the executive protection industry because they can define the outcome of certain risky situations.

Workplace safety is a priority for pretty much any profession. But the EP industry requires another level of safety precautions, preparation and instructions. While being a human shield, EP officers should prepare to get their tasks done and preserve their own life at the same time.

Given the level of risk that this job brings, accidents are common. Numerous bad outcomes can happen, depending on the client’s exposure and vulnerability. Who or what you need to protect can defines the complexity of the job.

So, what are the workplace safety tips for a job this dangerous?  Curious? Say no more.

Here are a few recommendations that will help you be the best you can in your chosen profession and still remain safe and sound.

Safety and Executive Protection

Security personnel working in companies providing protection for products, facilities, people or those employed by the government agencies, are there to provide outstanding support in emergency situations.

These professionals hold a position of trust and responsibility. Only by making sure they are safe themselves, can they provide protection for the clients.

Here’s what they need to stick to be up to the potential challenges.

Constant Training and Improvement

EP agents must remain in shape to provide services on adequate level. Norm requires workers to be qualified to conduct their intended duties without endangering themselves or others.

Relevant emergency response preparation standards are closely related to someone’s physical condition. For the security staff, these standards come from the positions assigned to them in their employer’s risk assessment.

Only when EP providers are highly trained, can they do their best and minimize the challenges. Only dedicated people in the security sector, who give it their best to improve and get stronger daily, deserve to be called professionals.

Adequate and Functional Equipment

Wearing protective gear can be decisive in some cases, depending on where you are located. The greater the risk of a threat, the safer your protective clothing should be.

Workplace safety tipsVarious forms of body armor are available to protect against unique threats, from knives and sharp weapons to firearms. Each type of armor is in a different class, depending on the amount of protection they provide. So, be sure to wear a uniform best suited to specific threats.

Wherever your workplace is, if the possibility of an assault seems probable or if there’s a history of attempts, you’re likely to carry arms yourself. In that case, wearing a bulletproof vest is necessary.

Accidents happen, so when you move around or run with a gun, the vest will protect the covered areas. It’s also essential when attackers open fire. Always make sure your vest’s level matches your weapons.

Never use faulty or suspicious equipment. This can prevent you from doing your job right, and even more importantly, it can be dangerous for you and the client.

Therefore, keep in mind to check all the equipment you’re using before start working.  If you suspect any defects, report them before you go to the workplace.

Surroundings Awareness

This is probably one of the most important safety precautions to consider while working in the executive protection industry is to maintain a constant awareness of your surroundings.

You need to know the environment in which you are working exceptionally well. However, you should also be alert to know all the happenings that take place in the facilities and narrow environment. After a while, your brain will become trained to catch the slightest changes that can be considered as potential risks or threats.

Keep in mind that your attention should always be on the highest level. This is sometimes problematic, especially after working in the same place for a long time. A moment of carelessness can cost you everything.

Respect the Hierarchy

Team structure is essential in executive protection services. Their organization is such that each individual can do what he is best at, while contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of other members.

By trying to take the credit and look like a hero, you can jeopardize other colleagues.

The team structure also contributes to handling the challenging scenarios better. In a complex situation, a single person isn’t enough – so you should rely on your teammates to cover all the required fields.

It’s also important to be aware of your weaknesses and limits and to reach out to a colleague who is more competent in a certain area.

Always Have a Plan

Aiming to prevent and avoid the bad outcomes, EP personnel need to have a plan and stick to it. Planning ahead provides quicker and smarter reactions, better security services and the safety of the EP worker.

When potential risks are detected and assessed, you can deal with them calmly and tactically. Imagine yourself as part of a big EP team. In that case, careful planning is even more important as there will be several opinions concerning how to handle the challenges.

Safety Obligations of EP Companies

Executive protection companies have to guarantee the health and safety of their employees in all facets of the job. Nothing can relieve the employer of that obligation.

All EP employees in the sector must have adequate training on the best practices in the field of health and safety. This decreases the risks and helps them to carry out their missions to protect people and property more effectively.

EP companies have to take appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of their employees, including the steps how to avoid workplace hazards, as well as educate and train personnel.

Setting up the necessary organizational structure makes it easier to achieve these objectives. All of these safety precautions should be a part of the main security guidelines of the company. The employer must adjust these steps to take account of the changes in potential risks and strive to enhance current protocols and safety strategies.

Safety awareness can also be implemented through regular communication with security personnel. Seminars, courses, online webinars, guest lecturers can be a great way of getting acquainted with evolving risks and threats appearing in this dangerous workplace.

Safe EP agents = Safe Client

It takes a lot of training, education and daily improvement to be successful in the executive protection industry. Workplace safety tips influence not only the quality of services but also the health of security employees.

The best workplace safety tips in the security industry are not only about physical and mental preparedness, but also relate to the usage of adequate and efficient gear. Surroundings awareness is equally important. Plan regularly and be consistent with the team and the given role.

Because safety awareness is a two-way street, companies also need to provide the training, conditions, equipment and regulations. The standards set have to be met to ensure the quality of service as well as employee safety.

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