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Executive Protection Gear and Clothes for Every Occasion

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We know we said that EP agents should be unnoticeable while on task. However, there are instances where you can violate this rule. In this sense, your executive protection gear is the number one thing that can expose your real identity. By gear, we mean your SAT communicator, firearms, gadgets, and your suit. That’s right―we said suit.

As it turns out, outfits play an important role, alongside the most useful EP tools.

Sometimes you would like people around you to know that you are there to protect the principal. And other times, you need to be as unobtrusive as possible. So when do you get to be conspicuous, and when not? How do you distinguish between the two?

We are glad you asked!

Initially, if you are taking a run with your client, then jogging clothes and equipment is the best option. When you are in an official setting―say, a public conference―then a tux is more appropriate. Whatever you wear, know that you are sending a message.

It’s either hey, I’m here, watch what you’re doing, or I want to blend in, just ignore me. We aren’t saying you are supposed to be a fashion guru but ask your fellow EP agents what to wear.

Remember the unofficial honor code among EP agents? Don’t bring shame to our name.

Executive Protection Clothes: Dress the EP Way

Like with all people, your shoelace could get untied. If you are wearing a handgun holster behind your belt, it could show when you kneel. So make sure you tie your shoelace most effectively. If you ever wondered, some shoelace tying techniques are better than others. Whatever style you choose, know that the right method results in a balanced horizontal knot.

As a general rule, you should be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed. If the situation requires, you can take your jacket off, but you can’t create one on the spot if needed. Your outfit should fit, look good, and be functional. If you checked these three boxes, you are almost done. Almost.

When traveling abroad with your principal, you will have to bring extra clothes with you, alongside executive protection gear. But remember you are entitled only to a small suitcase. Our recommendation? Bring a few near-identical outfits and try to develop a personal uniform. It can be something that symbolizes your style, with just enough variety to send a message that you didn’t bring only one shirt.

executive protection gear

Wherever you go, consider the context and ensure that you match the activity you are attending.

Don’t forget to think about EDC, or an Everyday Carry Belt, combining bonded leather and other synthetic materials. According to the manufacturer, it forms a very sturdy weapons platform.

Furthermore, your clothes should be as durable and comfortable as possible. Just because you are working doesn’t mean you should be miserable in your clothes. Choose the right outfit and stick with it but still make slight changes from time to time. You don’t want your client to feel like they are paying you a minimum wage.

You are an executive protection agent, so act like it―or should we say―dress accordingly.

Executive Protection Gear: Wear it the EP Way

Now that we got clothes out of the way, let’s focus on the gear EP agents should bring to the task. Different experts recommend different things, and you are probably here to learn more about our thoughts on this.

The thing is that there is no one size fits all. In other words, it depends on the occasion. You won’t bring your admin bag if you are in a situation that requires extreme discretion. However, when traveling to a place abundant in risks, you will take your full EP arsenal.

The importance of a travel risk assessment is crucial in this regard. It affects your choice of equipment.

Many EP agents say how they are addicted to bringing too much gear. They intend to be ready for every possible emergency. Well, if you aren’t Superman already, don’t try to be Superman. There is no way you can have every single piece of gear with you at all times. Sorry to break it to you.

To fit with your EDC, consider your favorite guns, perhaps a Kahr P9 or Glock 19. Both have proven to be exquisite for this line of work. Additionally, explore different handgun holsters to go with the rest of your clothes and gear.

Speaking of weapons, you might be forced to use them. If a shootout occurs and your executive is on the receiving end, make sure to have an IPAK with you. It stops bleeding and has several other necessary first-aid features.

With the right mobile device, you can even prevent such attacks or mitigate their effects. That’s why we recommend using Baofeng UV-5R or a small Motorola. You won’t make a mistake either way. They provide the best communication channels for a line-of-sight radio.


There is only so much you can do in any situation as an executive protection agent. Still, almost everything rests on your ability to control the circumstances. And you shouldn’t only be using your bare hands for this purpose. After all, this is the 21st century.

That’s where executive protection gear comes in. It’s a necessary part of the job. And here are a few thoughts on what to wear and how to gear up when working:

  • Ask yourself if you need to be conspicuous or not. Either way, you are sending a message to the people nearby.
  • If you don’t know what to wear, ask your fellow seasoned EP agents.
  • Learn how to tie your shoelaces most effectively.
  • Get an outfit that fits, looks good and is functional. Being comfortable isn’t banned in EP.
  • Your clothes and gear should merge. Don’t have them stand out.
  • Make your access to your gear and communication tools as frictionless as possible. That way, you can react quickly.
  • You don’t need to bring all the equipment you have stored in your garage or apartment. Just take the ones that are vital for specific tasks.


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