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Security Guard Hospitalized in North Austin Shooting

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Early Saturday morning saw an altercation between a visitor of the nightclub Lobos and a security guard, leading to another North Austin shooting. During the incident, the protection officer asked a man causing disturbance to leave the club. After exiting, the individual returned with a firearm, shooting the security guard and accidentally wounding himself in the leg.

As he was unable to leave the crime scene, the police arrived and apprehended the man. In fact, they arranged for both the security guard and the shooter to go to the nearest hospital. Fortunately, neither of the two sustained life-threatening injuries. Hence, the police say they will take the perpetrator to jail as soon as the hospital staff releases him from care.

What the perpetrator actually did to be thrown out of the nightclub remains unclear.

Note: Texas no longer requires people who can legally possess and hold a firearm — under state and federal law — to have a License to Carry (LTC) to be able to carry a handgun in a public place. This change went into effect on September 1, 2021, after adopting the House Bill 1927.

The Second North Austin Shooting in 10 Days

On May 21, less than ten days before the non-life-threatening incident, the Club Lobos witnessed another event involving firearms. However, this time around, the victim suffered obvious trauma. Despite the best efforts of the police, who found him in the parking lot, and EMS arriving shortly, he died soon after being admitted to the hospital.

On this occasion, the victim was reportedly not a security guard. Instead, the police mention a Hispanic man who partook in a verbal altercation with another male. The authorities state they have a person of interest in custody. What’s more, they added that this “appears to be an isolated incident with no threat to the public.”

The Austin Police Department urges citizens to provide information on either North Austing shooting. They can do so by reaching out to APD CrimeStoppers at 512-472-TIPS (8477).

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