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Tom Cruise’s Bodyguard Team Grows Due to Death Threats

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After a string of death threats from a former employee, Tom Cruise’s bodyguard team has grown considerably. Leading to the event, some media outlets asserted that the A-list actor’s crew fired a stunt producer. In turn, this led to fears of “further reprisals” for the safety of Tom Cruise and his director Christopher McQuarrie.

While working on their Mission: Impossible 8, the two cinematographic giants collaborated with the now-former stunt producer to find filming locations for scenes. However, things went sideways when the disgruntled employee’s plans weren’t put into action.

Due to his high status, Tom Cruise understandably has a few bodyguards who follow him around in his private and business undertakings. And they have done so for many years. Yet, this scenario calls for an increase in his heavies due to an elevated level of exposure.

Apart from threats, the former employee has begun litigation toward Cruise, McQuarrie, and Paramount Studios. Equally important, the ex-stunt producer accused the A-list actor and his collaborators of financing their work via Russian oligarch funding. In fact, connoisseurs claim that an FBI investigation is likely underway into Paramount over the accusations.

The insider threat shouldn’t ever be underestimated as it always has a high impact. Having inside information about the personal and professional life of highly profiled individuals is a powerful instrument for manipulation, blackmailing, reputational damage and physical assault.

Therefore, it should be identified in the risk and threat assessments and have control measures and contingencies in place.

Radoslav Savkov, Personal Protection Specialist

Final Remarks

This event again emphasizes the importance of paying attention to disgruntled (former) employees. In fact, these individuals can wreak havoc on the work and private lives of the wealthy and prominent.

Fortunately, in this case, the threat actor didn’t get a chance to inflict injury or otherwise harm his target. Luckily, Tom Cruise’s bodyguard team was in place to prevent that from happening. Along similar lines, one media source said that while “it’s all turned very nasty… those involved in the films are confident everything is totally fine, he’s just an angry ex-staff member.”

However, there have been countless instances of disgruntled employees who did manage to get their way. To that effect, what do you think the rich and famous need to do to make themselves less prone to such adversity?

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