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We’ve Had Active Shooter Survival Training. Now What?

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Active shooter survival training provides the tools and skills necessary to increase the odds that you’ll be able to walk away from a vicious and violent attack with your life intact.

For example, the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival program teaches students to:

  • Assess the situation quickly and with as much accuracy as possible,
  • Leave the area, if you can, to avoid the encounter completely,
  • Impede the attacker effectively if you must shelter in place,
  • Violence is sometimes the only option, especially in a life-or-death situation,
  • Expose yourself safely once law enforcement arrives.

But what should you do once your training program is complete? What additional actions can you take to ensure that you, your family, and co-workers continue to have higher levels of awareness and effective response for months and years to come? The first step is to practice your plan often.

Practice Active Shooter Survival Responses Regularly

Do you remember the first time you drove a car? If you are like most people, that ride was a bit bumpy as you turned sharper than you should have or hit the brakes a bit too hard.

Now compare that to your driving ability today. Would you say that you are more equipped to avoid an accident at this point in your life than on your first time behind the wheel? Your answer likely is yes, and this underscores the value of regular training sessions.

Practicing active shooter survival scenarios on a dedicated schedule teaches your brain how to respond if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of someone intent on creating mass harm. Repeated trainings make your actions more automatic, which means that you can respond quicker and with a more directed intent. As you learned during your ALIVE training session, time is critical in an active shooter situation.

The Emergency and Safety Alliance recommends that schools practice fire drills twice during the first two weeks of the school year and every month after that. Ideally, active shooter survival trainings at your home or business would also involve sessions at this same rate.

Quarterly trainings are the next best option since your ability to respond with swiftness and speed may be the difference between surviving an encounter or succumbing to an active shooter situation.

Change Up Your Training Scenarios

It’s also important to change up your training scenarios from time to time. No two active shooting incidents are the same. Practicing for these different encounters better prepares you to change your response in a way that increases your safety should you ever find yourself in an actual situation.

For example, if you typically practice responding to one active shooter, change it up, so there are two or even three people who show up to your location armed with guns. And if you normally have an active shooter entering through one door, have them come in through another. If they always have a long gun, give them a knife instead.

Changing scenarios gets your brain thinking about how to best respond to the new and different data. It also teaches you how to quickly react to a changing environment, further enhancing your chances of survival in an actual active shooter incident.

Become an Active Shooter Survival Training Instructor

Suppose you recognize the great value in active shooter survival training and want to help others learn how to protect themselves better as well. In that case, another post-training option is to become a certified instructor. Obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to teach this vital information to those around you.

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival offers an instructor certification program. You can take this course in person or online, whichever is most convenient for you.

It is a two-day, 7-module program that provides an in-depth look at the ALIVE survival system. It also includes a copy of 10 Minutes to Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E., written by Michael Julian, the creator of the ALIVE program.

In this certification training, you will learn how to speak and present the ALIVE system like a true professional. For instance, we will talk about delivering the information to make your students excited to learn. We’ll also discuss various tips and tricks to make your training more effective and make the information you provide resonate more powerfully with your attendees.

The number one benefit of becoming an active shooter survival training instructor is that you will be able to promote personal safety on a higher level. You will know how to give others the tools they need to survive a dangerous encounter better.

If you can help just one person live through this type of experience, it is time and effort well spent.

To learn more about the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Certification program, visit our website or contact us via phone or email.

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