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Beckham Family Burglary: What Happened

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A masked raider broke into the Beckham family mansion, all the while David, Victoria, and 10-year-old daughter Harper relaxed downstairs, completely unaware. The disguised bandit made off with designer and electrical goods worth thousands of pounds, making the Beckham family burglary one in a series of similar events targeting the ultra-rich. 

According to a news outlet, the former soccer superstars’ son Cruz (17) came home from a night out with friends to discover the break-in. On February 28, he stumbled upon the “ransacked” spare bedroom, spotting broken glass from a window on the floor, the Sun reports.  

After alerting dad, David Beckham rang 999 and began searching the home for the burglar in case they were still on the premises. Metropolitan Police spokesperson has confirmed that officers responded to reports of a robbery.   

Furthermore, that same night, a number of other homes were targeted in the same area. 

The Police department is reviewing and analyzing all CCTV footage to uncover the perpetrators responsible for the Beckham family burglary. 

As reported, the intruder most likely climbed over the front gate, shimming his way up the property to the second floor of the family home. The West London home in Kensington is valued at more than EUR47 million. 

Beckham family burglary

As expected, the raid has shaken the entire Beckham clan. No surprise, as they have become victims of a fairly professional burglary operation known to be circulating the area. On the other hand, the damage was ‘minimal’, the alleged robber only managed to ransack one bedroom before taking off.  

Beckham Family Burglary: Take Two 

In 2018, three masked thieves targeted the family’s Cotswold country estate. Their attempt was to raid the mansion valued at USD6.7 million. However, they failed and security cameras recorded the whole incident.  

Expectedly, this appears to be a sustained attempt to target someone’s house when they’re away. The superstar couple was on travel in Australia when the would-be thieves tried to ransack their country home. 

Thanks to the installation of an elaborate security system, the robbers never managed to enter the home. They made it so far as to climb the façade using a ladder, fleeing the scene before the police arrived.   

Moreover, the wave of assaults and robberies on footballers and their families is an ever-present trend. Robbers tend to follow the stars’ sports schedules and social media posts in order to plan a ransack of their homes. 

No doubt, the Beckhams will re-evaluate their security and bring in more if they need to, following the latest incident 

At this moment: no arrests have been made, and police inquiries are ongoing.   

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