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French Presidential Candidate Attacked With an Egg

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In a shocking event, France’s far-right politician and presidential candidate attacked with an egg. Several cameras caught the incident as soon as he stepped out of his car during a campaign trail.

The footage reveals Mr. Eric Zemmour stepping out of the vehicle: as soon as he does, a man appears next to him, smashing an egg on the back of his head. Police immediately apprehended the man, presumably in his 50s, tackling him to the ground.

Moreover, Mr. Zemmour is known for sparking raging controversy, stating children with disabilities should go to special schools instead of regular state schools, media outlets report. He further commented on the country’s obsession with inclusion. According to the local news, the attacker has a child with a disability.

Where was the Security Detail?

More to the point, how did such an incident – the presidential candidate attacked with an egg –  occur in the first place?

In the video we see the bodyguard positioned outside the car door. However, instead of focusing on security matters, he chooses to shake the hand of a familiar person. So, the question stands, did Zemmour’s bodyguard fail to execute a fundamental practice here? After all, we know that one second of inattention as an agent can cost the principal’s life.

Perhaps this man wasn’t that big a threat, but if the sectors were covered they would have stopped this man from getting close to the protectee in the first place. The goal of the protective team is twofold: safeguard the client from harm and protect them from harrassment and embarrasment.

Thankfully, the said perpetrator was only armed with an egg! But, the embarrassment this has caused the politician may affect the rest of his campaign.

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