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Do You Need Residential Security Guards?

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As the name implies, residential security guards patrol and protect private residences or areas. They are there to safeguard against peoples’ homes from various criminal activities, such as theft, trespassing, vandalism, loitering etc. Residential security guards are also authorized to detain people who break the law on their property, until the law enforcements arrive.

It’s an interesting occupation that requires the guards to become very familiar with both the property they are guarding, as well as the people who live there. They are there to patrol the property, making sure everything is locked and closed. Residential security guards are there also to provide guidance and direction in emergency situations and liaise between their client and the local police department.

Apart from wealthy home owners, residential security guards are usually employed by:

  • Apartment complexes,
  • Residential facilities for the elderly,
  • Nursing homes,
  • Dormitories etc.

Of course, there is a lot more to it to being a residential security guard than one might think at first. Obviously, a guard must be comfortable standing for long periods of time. They must also possess the ability to work under minimum supervision as well as have excellent interpersonal skills.

So, if you are considering employing their services, read on and find out more about what you can expect from your residential security guard.

The Duties of a Residential Security Guard

Regular Patrols – Residential security guards are really effective at preventing crimes on the property they are safeguarding. They make regular rounds to identify threats or suspicious activity. Coordinating with the owners or managers of the property, they determine the residences weak spots and vulnerabilities and how best to patrol those areas.

Access Management – Knowing that access to a property is in professional hands can significantly contribute to one’s feeling of security. When guarding apartment complexes, security guards check-in and check-out guests, in order to ensure that only residents and their visitors are on the premises. Also, in cases where a threat does occur, a log visitors helps a lot in identifying the criminals.

Crime Deterrent – Their very presence on your premises deters criminals from attempting a crime. Once they see that your property is guarded, most criminals will think twice before daring to break in or steal something. This allows for a much needed peace of mind. Everyone feels more secure knowing that they have trained professionals ready to react in case of a security threat.

Emergency Response – Should a security breach occur, residential security guards poses the necessary training to respond quickly and effectively. Because they are already on the property, the guards can answer alarms or react to emergencies immediately, often before the police. Acting as first responders, residential security guards train to communicate with the emergency personal and manage situations.

Police Coordination – Residential security guards keep reports on all security events on the property. This often proved invaluable in mergence situations. Additionally, they train to liaise with the police, as well as medical personnel. So, when facing a situation where they are unable to mitigate the threat, residential security guards will get in touch with the appropriate agency and make sure that help is on its way.

residential security guards

Pros and Cons of Hiring Residential Security Guards

As we said residential security guards generally complicate the plans of criminals. A significant advantage is their unpredictability. Namely, unlike home security equipment – which is usually quite predictable, security guards can change their routes and plans. This makes it a lot more difficult for criminals to predict where they will be at any given moment.

Another benefit is their uniform. That is to say, residential security guards are often mistaken for law enforcement at a distance. This definitely adds to their crime deterrent capabilities.

Residential security guards can also assist you in making sure that the rest of your security equipment is working properly. When something is not working optimally, they make sure to report the malfunction and get it fixed quickly. As part of their system maintenance duties, guards regularly check the status of:

  • Motion and heat sensors,
  • Cameras,
  • Window and door sensors, and,
  • Control panels.

Directly and Indirectly Employed Guards

However, there are a few disadvantages that you should consider before rushing to employ home security guards. The first one that comes to mind is the cost. Namely, these added levels of security and peace of mind come at a price. Your options are either to pay the guards personally or to hire a security company that pay them a percentage of what you paid the company.

The other main disadvantage relates to supervision. Namely, as companies have to provide services to various clients, they need to send a certain number of guards to each post. But, as there is a lot of fluctuations in personnel within security companies, sometimes the demand for guards exceeds their supply.

This occasionally results with companies sometimes hiring unqualified individuals due to a general lack of manpower. However, this problem varies in frequency in security companies. This is because, in a lot of countries and states, guards need to have licenses and the necessary training.

This is why it’s up to you to do your due diligence and make sure you know who is providing your services. Make sure you are hiring responsible and qualified security.


Residential security guards are definitely an option you should consider if you are thinking about upping the security of your estate, belongings and individuals who live there. They are a resource. Only you are in a position to decide if they are a resource that benefits you in a way where the rewards outweigh the costs.

And, if you have decided on this service, make sure to choose professional and experienced security that meets both your needs and your budget. Keep these few points in mind while on the lookout for adequate residential security guards:

  • Local security companies often provide better service with higher levels of personal attention;
  • Make sure to investigate the company background and references before hiring their services; and,
  • Look for a company with great user reviews and customer-oriented policies.

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