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Joe Rogan Hired Armed Bodyguards to Protect His Family

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One of the most popular podcasters to have ever lived, Joe Rogan hired armed bodyguards to protect himself, his family, and million-dollar property due to recent backlash against his controversial Spotify-based show.

Retired Navy Seals turned elite security are now stationed inside and outside his Austin, Texas gated property. As a result, the celebrity and his family are at a standstill with “a dozen people a day turning up at the property to take selfies or drop things off in his letterbox,” as one person with knowledge on the matter told the media.

As it turns out, Joe Rogan hired armed bodyguards for a good reason. Especially after plenty of hateful comments on his social media profiles.

Thus, the elite security team standing in the immediate vicinity of his property serves as a pre-emptive measure. As industry connoisseurs are well aware, he has many fans — but also plenty of enemies. It, then, isn’t unreasonable for all the security vehicles in front of the gate to monitor the surroundings and function as a visual deterrent.

What’s more, the VIP hosts his famous The Joe Rogan Experience podcast right on his Austin property. So naturally, he wants to ensure that the show’s high-profile guests are safe and sound when entering, exiting, and staying at his house.

Backlash’s Background: Why Joe Rogan Hired Armed Bodyguards

As those who follow his work know well, Joe Rogan is no stranger to controversy. In fact, some have accused him of spreading conspiracy theories and anti-vax rhetoric. Others continue to condemn him for allegedly homophobic, anti-feminist, and misogynistic statements.

More to the point, the current backlash was probably due to him using the N-word on-air and interviewing COVID vaccine critic Dr. Robert Malone and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough.

But that constitutes only the tip of the iceberg. NPR critic Eric Deggans told Vox that “The problem here isn’t just that Rogan may have hurt feelings or given offense. The bigger issue is the way such jokes foster acceptance of stereotypes that are damaging and persistent.”

On the other hand, Joe Rogan tried to explain himself in a short video he published on social media:

The Other Side of the Coin

Alternatively, the celebrity’s diehard fans seem to love him for his allegedly moderate, reasonable voice in a polarized media space. With around 11 million downloads per episode, his fanbase tried to exonerate him. They say that he already apologized for some of the previous disputed conversations.

Moreover, it looks like many on Spotify’s team are not thrilled about specific Rogan’s statements. In fact, some have voiced their concerns with the company’s management.

In addition, several artists have pulled their music from the popular music platform. And some have even attempted to deplatform the celebrity by demanding Spotify remove his podcast.

In any case, the fact that Joe Rogan hired armed bodyguards has to mean something. At the very least, that he and his family feel endangered. Good thing then that local Austin sources are saying that “These aren’t just retired Navy Seals who have been linked to Joe before. They are professionals who have worked with the biggest names in entertainment and politics. These are real elite operators, most definitely not some local outfit.”

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