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International Executive Protection Services: What to Look For

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When hiring executive protection services, looking for a company with extensive experience in the security industry is crucial. This ensures that the protection team is well-trained and able to handle any potential threat to the executive. So, if you are looking for international executive protection services, let us explore some of the most important factors that you need to consider.  


Availability is one of the most important considerations when seeking international executive protection services. You need to ensure that the security team can provide round-the-clock coverage.

Additionally, they need to travel with you on business trips and be available for emergency situations. It’s also important to consider how quickly the team can mobilize and deploy if needed.   

Ask yourself these questions:   

  • Does the company have the resources in place to respond on time?   
  • Is their staff flexible enough to adjust their schedules?  

If the answer is yes, the service you are considering is the right one for you.   

Defensive (and Verbal) Skills  

The security team you work with should have extensive defensive skills.  They need to possess a full understanding of how to handle different violent situations such as  

In most cases, this is not what is going to happen because these situations are rare.  

Make sure that at least one person on the team has basic medical training and is capable of treating minor injuries on-site, rather than needing to wait for an ambulance or another specialist.

Sometimes, it is also beneficial to look for a security team that is fluent in different languages and has the ability to negotiate in a variety of cultural settings if needed.   

For example, if the team is going to Africa where there are a lot of different languages people speak, you can hire locally sourced and vetted protective staff to help translate. This ensures that sensitive information stays safe during the principal’s visit. 

This means that the international executive protection services you choose can make a significant difference regarding your well-being. It’s essentially why defensive skills are very important in this area of expertise.  


When seeking international executive protection services, it’s important to research the company’s reputation. Look at their website and talk to their former clients to get an idea of what kind of service you can expect.

This will ensure that any security team you hire is experienced and reliable, whether you subcontract or need them as part of your in-house detail.  While there may be cheaper services out there, it is important to focus on quality rather than cost.  


Discretion is an essential factor when choosing international executive protection services. The security team might need to sign NDAs that state that they will not be able to share any information on the protectee. This is important, especially for media, which are always looking to get information on influential people from their current or former bodyguards.   

Also, discretion is key when it comes to the safety of the executive, so you should look for a security team that will not be in their way but will be attentive to their safety needs.  


Next, the security team should be capable of remaining resilient in difficult situations. If there are big groups of people present, they should be aware of them and create distance in order to protect the principal.

It’s better if they stay close to the protectee and focus on being with them. Some principals even enjoy having EP agents close by because it signals to others that they are important people.  

Resilience is essential when it comes to international executive protection services, as it ensures that the principal remains safe and secure at all times. If the security team can remain composed, even in the face of danger, it will help to ensure that any threat is quickly identified and neutralized.   


The security team should be highly communicative and have the ability to quickly relay information back to the executive or their staff. If a situation arises, they need to be able to follow the plan of action they prepared and communicate it efficiently with  

  • Encrypted communicators, and 
  • Two-way communicators (Walkie-Talkies).  

Good international executive protection services will also provide regular updates on the status of their operations. This is important so that agents, assistants and people close to the executive can remain informed at all times. Also, it is because, in a good plan of action, there will be solutions and preventions to every problem.

This includes the problem of communication.   

Businesses should invest in the right technology when traveling abroad. Having a secure communications system in place is essential, as it allows your security team to communicate with you quickly and effectively if needed.    

Having up-to-date tracking devices on all company personnel ensures that their locations can be monitored at all times.   

This includes encrypting data files and using virtual private networks (VPNs) whenever possible. In addition, it’s important to ensure that all devices are updated with the latest software patches and antivirus programs, as this can help reduce potential security risks which include:   

  • Malware and fake links,   
  • Phishing scams and   
  • Third-party apps.   

Being Proactive: How to Handle International Issues?  

When it comes to executive protection, being proactive is always the best option. This would include doing a location visit before the protectee arrives and arranging suitable lodging. 

Also, in cases of bigger risk, even hiring local support staff to help out is a great option. They will be able to help with their knowledge of the location as well as recommend vehicles to fit the local road conditions.  

Final Thoughts  

Ensuring executives are safe abroad is a complex and challenging task. With the right security team in place, it can be accomplished.   

When looking for international executive protection services, make sure to take into account  

  • Availability,  
  • Defense skills,  
  • Reputation,   
  • Discretion, 
  • Resilience, and   
  • Communication skills.   

A reliable company will have all these qualities and more, ensuring that your executive travels safely wherever they go.  

Additionally, businesses should always stay one step ahead by properly planning and investing in technology and systems to help protect their executives when traveling internationally. With the right preparation and security measures in place, business trips abroad can be carried out without any issues.   

So, if you were looking to hire the right executive protection agency for you or your client, make sure to consider this solution.  

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