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Cristiano Ronaldo: Security Drama at Airport

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It’s been a few eventful days for Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo. First, one staff member crashed his EUR2,1 million Bugatti Veyron. Second, the celebrity’s personal protection team allegedly got into a heated exchange with Menorca Airport guards. In fact, the latest Cristiano Ronaldo security episode has again emphasized the importance of respect and preserving our tranquility.

First off, eyewitnesses report that Cristiano Ronaldo security personnel entered a verbal confrontation with the airport’s security control guards. The reason? An alleged delay that happened when one of the airport staff members set off a security sensor.

At this point, all hell broke loose! As a matter of fact, the security control guards threatened to call the Guardia Civil — a Spanish law enforcement agency. However, Ronaldo’s bodyguard responded by saying they could call “whoever they wanted.” Supposedly, he spoke so because he used to work for Portugal’s police service.

When Guardia Civil officers entered the scene, they managed to quiet things down. Still, the whole ordeal resulted in the former Juventus player leaving the airport with a 30-minute delay.

In the course of the incident, eyewitnesses confirmed that Ronaldo remained “serious,” not getting himself involved.

This article highlights a potential pitfall for EP operators who can falsely assume their principal’s net worth or public image afford them special privileges. It’s always important to remember that all lives have the same value. 

Of course, certain persons’ profiles are exposed to greater threats requiring augmented security. A great EP operator will use their soft skills and preparation to create the stakeholder relationships that are necessary before having to use the perceived status of their principal to exit a difficult situation. 

In fact, many external stakeholders, especially with high-net-worth principals, may resent the status and respond with non-helpful behaviors. Therefore, investments in diplomacy will always go farther than forcing your way on a perception of status.

— Robert Currie, Owner & Founder, RC Advisory Services

The Bodyguard Crash?

Pundits believe that the person who engaged in the altercation with the airport security is the same individual who crashed Ronaldo’s car just days prior. The argument they present for this claim is his splinted finger. Allegedly, it came about due to the car crash when one of Cristiano Ronaldo security personnel collided with a wall.

As for the bodyguard’s identity, journalists were unable to identify them. Yet, some speculate that it could be one of the two identical twins that make up Cristiano Ronaldo security entourage.

Finally, this story proves how fellow practitioners must not succumb to the belief that they can behave recklessly just because they are protecting some of the world’s wealthiest and most prominent individuals. Ultimately, the fact that a person is a soccer superstar or any other major public figure does not give them any special rights.

To wrap it up, here are two questions for you, EP Wired readers:

  • How do you think protection agents can suppress their egos in such situations?
  • What techniques do you or others in the industry use to remain calm and collected in incendiary circumstances?

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