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Executive Protection in Aviation

In the limitless scenarios and locations in the security sector, aviation security is the one, which, not only changes constantly but is also unpredictable in manmade and natural threats. Aircraft, tarmac, cargo, and catering only scratch the surface in the medium...

A Brief History of International Terrorism 

Knowing the proper history of international terrorism, as well as the motives behind it, is key. Having that kind of intel can help governments and security professionals come up with more efficient defensive strategies. With that said, it’s time to...

Terrorism and Airport Security – A Short Guide

Terrorists are a looming threat, and airports are one of their most desirable targets. Why? Because they are easily accessible, gather many people in one place, and don't employ too many protection staff or the right equipment. Terrorism and...

A Crash Course Into Executive Travel Risk Management

In the last few years, we’re seeing more companies getting into executive travel risk management. But what does that mean for your career and what skills do you need to sharpen to get ahead? Well, since doing executive travel risk...

Travel Risk Assessment – A Beginner’s Guide

The first step to ensuring your employees are safe and sound abroad or during a business trip is to produce a decent travel risk assessment. If your company's workers are supposed to travel to high-risk countries, then recognize that...

The Role of Ground Handling in Executive Protection

Since executive protection is a diverse profession, it contains several facets that aren't evident at first. Ground handling is one of them, although it is usually related to aviation. Experts say this notion entails taking care of the client from...

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Ground Transportation Security: Preparing for the Unknown

Delivering ground transportation security services is a vital part of executive protection and international travel. It is the process...

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